Online Dating: How to Protect Your Privacy

Facebook’s mandatory timeline switch has many people concerned about their online privacy, especially those who date online. If you’re concerned about your friends, family and co-workers finding out private information about your life on any social media site, here are a few tips to protect yourself:

Set Your Privacy Filters

Whether you’re new to online dating or you’re a pro, not every one wants the world to know their trying to find love on the Internet. Imagine your Aunt Mildred finding out that you date cougars — or worse yet, your supervisor who’s in charge of approving your pending promotion. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become the next victim of complete embarrassment.

When it comes to separating your private online dating life from your ‘regular’ social media life, it’s important that you keep your privacy settings in check. This will allow you to specify exactly what information is visible to your online friends.

Another way to protect your privacy is by signing up with a pseudonym and use a profile photo with a headless torso. However, this may only work to a certain extent. The problem with this popular online dating profile technique is that if you’re trying to attract a certain type of online dates, it could hinder you from finding the perfect match.

If you’re concerned about your online safety, stay anonymous – at least until you feel safe to explore another option. The good thing about online dating is that you can now protect your identity by hiding it until you decide to reveal it.

Using Online Dating Apps Responsibly

More and more people are using online dating apps to connect with their potential dates. If you don’t want to reveal your private information, you must conceal your personal life as much as humanly possible. Many apps in the market today offer many private feature settings such as restricting profile info such as your location, age, gender and name. For instance, if you feel a little nervous about revealing your location to an online friend, it is highly suggested that you stop announcing your location.

Block Users

Don’t be afraid to block users who are abusive. For example, you can block spammers, users who send offensive or harassing emails. You can even report abusive users if their behavior goes overboard.

Lastly, when you decide to meet your online date in person, make sure you tell a family member or friend you trust. Avoid meeting at a hotel room or private home until the person has gained your trust.

Online Dating Do’s & Don’ts For 2012

Whether you want to hook up with men or women online, there
are important Do’s and Don’ts to consider. Here are a few online dating rules
for 2012.


Don’t reveal private
information in your IM messages and emails. If you were at a club, you wouldn’t
just give out your home address to the first person that approaches you. If
your love interest asks to send you a gift or something through the mail,
consider getting a P.O. box address.


Do proofread your
profile.  It doesn’t hurt to run your
profile text through spell-check. If your profile is riddled with spelling
errors and typo’s, it will turn people off.


Don’t post a profile photo
that hides your face.  You want your
potential dates to see ‘you’ not your sunglasses. Also, make sure you smile in
your photo.


Do create a separate email
for online dating.


Don’t give your full name.
For online safety, you may want to give your first name instead.


Do answer every email you
get from your potential online dates. It’s impolite to avoid responding to


Don’t bad mouth your Ex.
One thing that will turn off your potential love interest is if you rant and
rave about how horrible your Ex is.  Make
sure you talk about something that is interesting and meaningful.


Do make hygiene a top
priority when meeting in person. Make sure you put your best foot forward by
wearing clean clothes, fresh breath, etc. Believe it or not, some people skip
this important step in online dating!


Don’t leave your personal
belongings unattended when you meet in person. When you leave your wallet or
purse unattended, you run  the risk of
getting your personal information stolen.


Do listen. Make sure you
actually listen to what your online date is saying. There is nothing more
annoying than talking to a person who doesn’t listen.


Don’t give out your
banking information, credit card or social security number to anyone.


Do talk to your online
date by phone or video chat before meeting him/her in person. This will help
you to judge chemistry.


Don’t leave your drink
unattended. Make sure you keep your drink with you to avoid it being tampered

Online Dating Tips….4 Proven Tips.

The best place to meet and hookup with men or women is not
at the local bar or a club. The best place to find friends and find love is
online. With online dating, you can hookup with an unlimited number of people.
Most of all, online dating allows you to test the waters before meeting people
in person. The following are 4 proven online dating tips to help spice up your
online dating experience:


  1. Find a good online dating website.
    Finding a good online dating website like is the key to
    finding dates. Before registering for an online dating site, it is
    advisable that you conduct a little research to avoid wasting your
    time.  There are many online dating
    sites out there but not all are created equal. Many of them are just
    poorly built sites with fake profiles. When you pick and choose your
    online dating sites carefully, you’re less likely to settle for second


  1. Provide Genuine Profile Information.
    When filling out your online profile, make sure you only provide accurate
    information.  The worst thing you
    can do is provide your online friends with falsified information. For
    example, if you were born on February 5, 1969, don’t put ‘February 5,
    1979’.  If you are a department
    store security guard, don’t put ‘police detective’ as your occupation.  If you are a high school hall monitor,
    don’t put ‘runway model’.


When you lie about yourself to your
friends online, you’re not only running the risk of sabotaging good friendships,
you’re setting yourself up for complete embarrassment if anyone ever finds out
the truth. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to online dating.


It is also important to make your
profile information as interesting as possible. Include interesting details
about your favorite hobbies and other things that interest you. Also include the
kind of online friends you are looking to meet.


  1. Use a Web Cam
    and Mic
    . If you are serious about finding dates and friends online, consider
    using a web cam and mic. Although it’s not necessary to use a web cam and
    mic for online dating, it makes it a little more interesting and
    interactive. Make sure you test it out ahead of time. There is nothing
    more time-consuming and frustrating than trying to chat with someone who’s
    experiencing technical difficulties with their web cam and microphone.
         provides most technologically advanced audio visual Chat platform that
         will allow you to hook up with a perfect match free of cost.


  1. Add Quality Photos   For online dating sites, the
    general rule is to add ‘real’ current photos of ‘you’.  Photos should not be older than seven years.  If you look completely different
    than your profile photo than you do in person, this will completely confuse
    your friends online.


Hopefully, the tips above will help improve your online
dating experience. So, if you’re wondering where to find love or where to find
friends, online dating is one of the most effective ways of finding someone




Do’s and Dont’s of Dating

The do’s and don’ts of modern dating

By Amy Spencer

The do’s and don’ts of modern dating
We’re over a decade into a new century, and it’s obvious
that dating isn’t the same “dinner and a movie” game it used to be. We’re still
figuring out how to make the language of love translate over the Internet,
email, BlackBerries, and late-night Skype chats. What’s changed — and what
hasn’t? A range of today’s relationship experts share the new rules of the
dating game for modern singles below.DO talk to potential dates
over the phone first

“You can get critical information about a
person on the phone versus on email — his or her personality, the tone of voice,
how trustworthy this person sounds. People’s comments flow out of their mouths
more naturally when they’re speaking than on email, where you can think through
things before you send them. If you can’t have a good 15- or 20-minute
conversation on the phone, how on earth will you spend a two-hour date? If you
don’t like what you hear, you can bow out. Your time is yours, there’s nothing
wrong with that.”
– Rachel Begelman, online dating and relationship coach

DON’T short-change your

“With so much going on in our lives these days (and the
BlackBerry and cell phone going off in between), we get caught up in trying to
do too much… and the same goes with dating. If you’re trying to fit in two or
three dates a week, or coffee with one person and dinner with another, you’ll do
your head in — and that’s not fair to you or your date. So, slow down! Make it
your goal for each date that you’ll give the person a sincere chance instead of
judging him or her like you’re speed-dating.”
– Deborah Cooper, Ph.D.,
relationship counselor in Beverly Hills

DO be honest about you
what want upfront

“These days, the lines in the dating world are so
blurred, it’s hard to know where you are and where you’re going. But just know
that if you settle for something in the beginning of a relationship, you can’t
go back. For instance, if instead of going on a dinner and a movie date you move
into being friends with benefits, you’ve created a pattern that’s not likely to
change. And if your date is seeing three other people when you first start
dating, you’d better be OK with that three months later, because that’s the deal
you signed on for. So, decide what you want at the very start — and don’t settle
for less!”
– Maria Shaw, author of Soul Mates and Cell Mates and
founder of

DON’T over-text your

“If you sent a text message and he or she didn’t write back
right away, don’t think: ‘Oh, maybe he or she didn’t get my message.’ Maybe
.0001 of the time the message doesn’t go through, but the rest of the time, it’s
pretty reliable. This person got your message. One text or email is really
enough, or else you’ll look too needy.”
– Rachel Begelman

give your online profile a positive spin

“Honesty is great, but so
is being positive. Your profile shouldn’t sound harsh or complaining in its
tone. It’s possible to put a positive spin on truthful (but negative-sounding)
things. You can tweak the phrasing of even the most neutral detail (like a
dislike for working out) to make it sound positive by conveying the details of
your character. For example, I helped one man who did not like to work
out in order to cast a positive light on that trait by writing: ‘I much prefer
to walk along the ocean than to walk on a treadmill going nowhere.’”
– Andrea
Orr, author of Meeting, Mating, and Cheating

DON’T get
talked into spilling your intimate secrets

“If someone asks you,
‘So, how many people have you dated?’ or ‘So, what’s the craziest thing you’ve
ever done before?’ — resist the urge to answer! A person’s numbers count holds
so much judgment. The ‘right’ number is different for everybody, and whether
you’ve had a lot of partners or hardly any, it leads to all sorts of
assumptions: that you’re promiscuous, you’re a prude, etc. So if your date asks,
simply say: ‘I never kiss and tell.’ The other question can be handled the same
way. Those nitty-gritty details can always come later!”
– Dr. Yvonne K.
Fulbright, author of Touch Me There!

DO go out on group
dates to meet more people

“It’s not just for high-schoolers anymore.
More and more people are going out in groups for dinner or parties, and it’s a
great way to meet people in a less-pressured environment. But if you meet
someone you like, don’t wait until the end of the night to express it; he or she
might leave early. So don’t be shy… take the initiative! Seek the person out,
make contact, and don’t leave without that number.”
– Maria Shaw

DO use old-fashioned manners
“It may be a modern
world, but a woman ultimately wants a man with old-fashioned manners, and a man
ultimately wants to be that person for her. So men, pick a woman up for a date,
take her to dinner, open the door for her. Don’t assume she won’t let you. Then,
women: Let him open the door for you and tell him know how much you
appreciate him taking you out, because most of my male clients say they don’t
feel appreciated anymore. You can really win each other over with old-fashioned
– Deborah Cooper, Ph.D.

Amy Spencer is a freelance
writer who has written for
Glamour, Real Simple, New York magazine
Maxim, among other publications.

Article courtesy of Happen magazine,